125 Years of Temps in the U.S.

U.S. Monthly Temps 1895 to 2020

Temperatures in the United States have remained stable with a small warming trend.

We’ve warmed 1.64° F over the last century. Mainly because winters across the nation are a few degrees less cold and summers are stable.

This is a average monthly temperature for the United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii), from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Monthly temperatures for the last 125 years

United States monthly temperature 1895 to 2020

The top of the graph is usually July in most places and the bottom is usually January in most places.

Look at the top. These are warmest months. Is there an alarming trend? What trend do you notice?

What we have noticed in making these graphs for locations across the U.S. is that our winters are a little less cold and summers are about the same in most places. The west has warmed more, the south and south east hardly at all. Midwest largely average.

Weather is local. There are some places that have hardly warmed at all, like Dallas Texas or other places that have warmed above average like, Phoenix Arizona.