5-Years Rain Then and Now

Rain from a 100 years ago Sometimes more and less Just like now

This is comparison of two 5-year monthly rain periods 100 years apart. This rainfall record is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

The graph on the left starts at a half inch rainfall and the right at an inch. Also, the one on the left goes to 4 inches and the one on the right to 4.5 inches.

Monthly rainfall 1914-1919 and 2014-2019

Nationally our rainfall has grown by about .16 of an inch or about 1/6 of an inch per month.

Some areas of the country are wetter and other areas are dryer. These rain and temperature changes have always been going on through the centuries. Any random 5-year chart shows the same type of variability. Some areas do experience multi-year or even multi-decade extra or too little rainfall. The weather varies, from year to year and century to century.