“Ice Man” from 5,000 Years ago Found Under Glacier

Otzi lived 5,000 years ago when it was warmer in the Italian Alps.

It was warmer 5,000 years ago when Otzi was shot in the back.

Best guess of what Otzi looked like and he had tattoos!

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Otzi the “Ice Man” was found back in 1991 under a melting glacier in the Italian Alps. This natural mummy was made because shortly after his death he was encased in the glacier. Otzi had tattoos, Lyme’s disease, and a bum knee. He was shot in the back with an arrow.

He is Europe’s oldest natural mummy.

People now and in ancient times didn’t spend time on glaciers because they are moving rivers of ice. Glaciers are cold because they are frozen. And can be dangerous because of moving ice and uneven ice chunks.

“the Copper-Age “Iceman” found during 1991 in the European Alps was “in a glacier.” Special circumstances preserved the Iceman. His body was not destroyed when the site was over-ridden by a glacier because it was near the edge of the glacier in a protective bedrock depression. Had he truly been in a glacier, he would have been ground to flour.”

It has been warmer several times during the present 11,700-year-old Holocene epoch than we are now in. It was really cold prior to that.

It was really cold in the distant past and was warmer off and on in the last 12,000 years.

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