Greenland is Adding Ice Mass – Rare Gigantic Summer Snowstorms Adding Even More

More snow in Greenland means deeper ice

Greenland gets so much snow and cold every year that it adds ice mass

Boat on Lake Near Snow Covered Mountain

Planes lost during WWII were found under 260 and 320 feet of ice. Since 1945 it has snowed in Greenland enough to create more than 350 feet of ice away from the coasts.

When glaciers grow the pressure in the middle from gaining ice causes them to grow outward. When they grow over the ocean, they naturally calve icebergs. This is normal.

Glaciers grow when it is cold enough for them to keep the snow that has fallen. When it is warmer more melts than is added in snowfall. This causes shrinkage.

When glaciers melt, like an ice cube, they melt from the edges back. Receding glaciers mean that glaciers will not send ice to the sea.

Snow causes ice in Greenland

Greenland’s ice is growing – It is adding more snow and ice than it loses – Ice mass gain every year.