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FRANK LASEE: Republicans Shouldn’t Give An Inch On The Debt Ceiling

May 13, 2023 Drew Angerer/Getty Images May 12, 20237:17 PM ET The United States will be hitting our debt ceiling soon. Judging by the history of debt ceiling...

More Carbon Dioxide Is Good, Less Is Bad

By Gregory Wrightstone People should be celebrating, not demonizing, modern increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). We cannot overstate the importance of the gas. Without...


How About A Pilot Project To Demonstrate The Feasibility Of Fully...

By Francis MentonJanuary 25, 2022 At this current crazy moment, most of the “Western” world (Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia) is hell bent on achieving...

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms


Tropical Islands Are Growing

More jungles when warmer

Warmer Past– Even Hotter